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Hello one and all I am Smile’N Sam Alvey!

Here you will find my brand new podcast #justsmile, with some very talented casters Jordan Killion and Derek Bowe. We will be talking mma and really anything else that makes us… smile. 
We will also have access to all our cool swag. Shirts, mugs, hats, hair clippings, ect… thanks for checking us out you won’t regret it

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Meet Jordan Killion

A Midwesterner like Sam, Jordan hails from rural Illinois. A lifelong MMA fan he also loves boxing. He has written, edited, and hosted podcasts about MMA since 2016.

Meet Derek Bowe

Derek resides 15 minutes outside of Los Angeles, California. He has been a life long athlete and has been covering the sport of mixed martial arts since 2012. He has been an editor, and podcast producer with Jordan and Sam, and currently hosts his own video discussion show each week via his Facebook page Derek Bowe – MMA. He recently got engaged to his wonderful Fiancé Ashley, and is excited to be reunited with Jordan and Sam for this podcast!

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